StrikersGoals is a sport media news blog site that is dedicated in covering major football stories,creating brings football entertainment, breaking news,transfers,gossips,comic world of football reading & helping young amateur footballers to
reach there goals in the Football world.
We are still buidling out networkd worldwide and making it fun for readers as well our followers. StrikersGoals created in 2005
by Daniel Snipes and the idea behind it then was just to have a media news site. But i decided to turn it into something abit more different and for readers to read and have more fun.
In the short team that we manage,we are trying to make a totally unique in building and creating an image like no others, in making it fun for both adult and kids to have a good in exploration of what StrikersGoals have to offer.

The StrikersGoals Team:

Creator/Writer: Mr Daniel Snipes
Text Manager/Writer :Mr Obafemi Folorunsho

Sports Writer: Mr Mario Jean