Men Vs. Women Football: The Main Differences

men vs women football

Do you like watching men or women football? Maybe you prefer one to another, but have you ever thought about the differences between these two teams? At first glance, there are the same rules of the game; all of them are playing with the ball on the grass, and the winner scores more goals than the other team. But there are several essential points in men vs women football that remain behind the scenes. Let us figure them out.

Short History of The Football

The history of football is full of events, upheavals, and development. A lot of matches took place in the 17 century, but officially the men and women football was born in Great Britain in the middle of the 1800s. However, society didn’t see the ladies in the ranks of professional athletes, not to mention creating the women football league. Even doctors were frightening with dangerous diseases for women’s health, not to say about a loss of grace, femininity, and women being energetic in general. Many years there was discrimination and oppression about women’s football; the questions are still open. Why is society paying attention so hard on differences between men and women’s football?

Distinctive Features of Men Vs Women Football

As we see today, woman football won discrimination and sexual dimorphism, but it still doesn’t have all opportunities that the male part of players. Is it a question of the genetic absence of some necessary skills? Let us figure it out from the side of biological features.
The first thing that catches your eye in men and women football is the different running speed and strength of the players. The man game is often interrupted by fouls and aggressive play, which does not happen with the women. Nevertheless, the women’s game is typically slower. It can be explained in terms of physiology.

Physiological Distinctions

So, there are two the most significant differences in the men and women football:

  • biological (physical).
  • psychological.

One of the most popular women’s coaches, Dr.Hans-Jurgen Tritschoks, said no matter how much time women spend on training, precisely biological differences between two genders will always keep male players a step ahead. Heart and blood volume and muscle mass make women less fast and robust on the football field. These indicators affect what can be observed during the women’s game. Also, it is essential to admit in men and women football such an element as high-intensity. The same distance of sprinting and high intensity these two teams overcome at different times. However, don’t exclude the possibility of having the more potential physical skills of female players.

As for psychological aspects, men and women football have critical differences, because the two genders have various psyche. Women, by their nature, are sensitive and tender, even if they have a muscular body. They pay attention to certain gestures, actions, and forms of communication. As a result, there is a separate football league for women.

Woman Football League

It is complicated to compare male and female players on a like for like basis in existing leagues. So, in 2000 The National Women’s Football Association was formed. This women’s football league is the largest football league association in the whole world. It was created to unite all women who enjoy playing football and allowing them to play full-contact football professionally. Trainers in the women football league know that teaching female players needs an individual approach. Women are not so aggressive like men neither in life nor in the game. But this feature is not applied to emotionality. Sometimes they are too sensitive for such kinds of sports, which require them to be robust and sturdy. But, as you see, it doesn’t bother them to continue playing football.

Do Not Look at the Genders

There are some differences between man and women football, but every team has its unique features and game tactics. So we can watch and admire any team on our taste, or play football by ourselves, not looking at the genders.

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