The Uneasy Fate of Footballers

fate of footballers

Nowadays, coronavirus, terrible injuries, and unprofitable football transfers await the players. Football teams work hard and prepare for the Champions League, while life seems to test them. The outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus has severely affected the world of football – match postponed, games without spectators, and disruptions of transfers continue to this very day. Therefore, I want to share the most important events connected with the football world that has happened recently. Let’s have a look at the uneasy fate of footballers these days.

The Misfortune Before the Champions League

There were several incidents that prevented footballers from proper training and playing.

Injuries as Uneasy Fate of Footballers

For the last week, ligament damage has ruined the dreams of dozens of footballers who wanted to defend their countries’ honor in the Champions League. A football player from Italy, Paulo Dybala, may miss the match against Lyon because of injury. Juventus has reported the details of an accident. It happened to the forward who had to leave the field in the first period of yesterday’s Serie A clash against Sampdoria (2-0). He has revealed a thigh muscle strain, so he needs about ten days to recover. Thus, his participation in the 1/8 final of the Champions League against Lyon is in great jeopardy. It should be reminded that the game is scheduled for 7 August.

A similar disaster has affected a French forward Kylian Mbappe. He got an injury in the French Cup final against Saint-Étienne. Then, he was diagnosed with a severe right ankle sprain. As a result, Kylian doesn’t have a chance to participate in a match against Atalanta in the Champions League on 12 August.

A French defender who plays for Bayern Munich faced the same problem and left the field on the stretcher. Benjamin Pavard may miss the Champions League match against Chelsea. Besides, I should remind you of the first match that ended in 3-0 victory for the Bayern München.

A Spanish club Atletico also risks being left without Thomas Partey in the Champions League match in the quarter-finals against Leipzig because of injury. A defensive midfielder has a torn rotator, so he should miss about three weeks to get stronger.

It’s good news that Clement Lenglet has time to recover for the Champions League match against Napoli. A footballer who plays as a center-back injured his hip during a game against Alaves in La Liga.

Coronavirus’ Interference with Football Games

Besides, coronavirus aggravates the situation. Thus, a Swiss footballer is diagnosed with the Covid-19 and quarantined. However, the other team players continue to train. They prepare for the return match of the 1/8 final of the European League with Shakhtar on 5 August. Furthermore, Napoli doesn’t want to play in Barcelona because of the high number of infected people. Fortunately, the match Manchester City – Real in the Champions League Round of 16 will take place despite the quarantine in Great Britain.

The Recent Football Transfers

This year, the summer transfer window due to the coronavirus pandemic won’t be as usual. Its opening dates have been postponed throughout Europe. UEFA also wants the leagues to agree to close the window on 5 October.

The financial crisis can play an important role and affect the cost of transfers. Instead of high-profile deals, options with reduced player costs, exchanges, and rentals will be explored.

Things look pretty vague at this stage, but let’s look at the players who can change teams this summer, leave the current club due to an expiring contract, or due to their position in the team and whose transfer can be risky.

Lautaro  Martínez, Kai Havertz, Houssem Aouar, André Onana, Thomas Partey, and Benjamin Chilwell are among the footballers ready for transfers and those, who can improve any team instantly. The best football clubs want to get them as soon as possible. So, Barcelona wants to change Luis Suarez for Lautaro  Martínez. Bayer intends to sell Kai Havertz, who is the most sought after midfielder in Europe for at least 100 million euros the favorite in the fight for Thomas Partey is Arsenal.

The list of risky transfers includes such football players as Eduardo Camavinga, Philippe Coutinho, James Rodríguez, Julian Draxler, and Diego Godín. Unfortunately, these players have problems with their football clubs or have a lack of experience.

Uneasy Fate of Footballers – Conclusion

To sum up, footballers are going through a tough time full of troubles, but they are strong enough to win this match! They continue to achieve their goals despite the coronavirus, injuries, and sometimes unpleasant transfers.

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